Saturday, January 26, 2013

Outdoor Assembly in Africa Summer 2012

High School Assemblies in Uganda 2012

Every assembly situation was different.  Some were indoor assemblies of 100 to 1500 while others were 100 to 500 outdoors.  Most assemblies lasted one hour but some were two and a half hours long.

The assemblies covered academic excellence, life skills, relationships, and the most important relationship - knowing God personally through Jesus Christ.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Travel Challenges in Africa

Not every road you travel down in Africa is paved.  In fact many times the road is a dirt road.  Sometimes that dirt road goes for some time to get us to the high school we are going to for the day.  It is usually not smooth but rather bumpy and sometimes real bumpy so we have to drive slowly.  And at times the road begins to look more like a river bed which it actually is when it rains.

Traveling Together in Uganda

We had some great times together traveling to and from high schools together in one bus.  Here all our Cedarville students, CRU High School and Campus students, and all the Life Ministry Uganda staff, volunteers, and students are together.  Everyone you see here is part of our team!  What a great time working together!  Lots of prayer, singing, planning, and talking.

Adam Praying With Ugandan Students

One of the great opportunities we had this last summer was to share Christ in assemblies and then in small groups.  Here is one of the small group meetings that ended in a time of prayer with Adam.

Leading Teachers to Christ in Africa

This last summer I saw two teachers come to Christ with me in Africa - one in Kenya (top picture) and one in Uganda (bottom picture).