Saturday, June 28, 2014

Second Week in Uganda

Today our team visits our second orphanage.  Then tonight we have our Celebration dinner with everyone (about 35).   We did assemblies at eight more schools this week and now we have shared the gospel with 7325 students and have 773 first time decisions for Christ.  And we aren't done

Monday, June 23, 2014

Our First Week in Uganda

This last week our team of 17 shared Christ with over 3000 students in 7 high schools and saw over 220 make first time decisions for Christ!  We spoke in our eighth school this morning where 394 heard the gospel and 47 received Christ.  Pray for the additional seven schools we speak at the rest of this second week including one that has 4000 students!  Our team is all doing well but are tired today since we had to leave at 6 am this morning to get to our 7 am assembly.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Arrived in Uganda!

Our team safely arrived in Uganda at 10:07 pm Saturday.   Everyone is doing well today.  It is lunch time here and we just finished our morning worship time and team meeting.   This afternoon we are preparing for the school assemblies, taking a tour of the city from 3-5 pm, then dinner and another short team meeting tonight.  Keep praying!  Our first assembly is Tuesday at  4 pm.   Tomorrow we meeting for prayer with the Life Ministry staff and then work in the details of our assembly programs with them.

Friday, June 13, 2014

On Our Way to Uganda!

At the airport in Chicago ready to board our first of two international flights!  We are going to be one tired group by the time we get to Uganda on Saturday night about 9:45 pm Ugandan time - that will be about 2:45 pm East Coast Time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It is time! Uganda here we come!

Tomorrow morning (Thursday, June 12) I leave for our team's briefing in Chicago.  We will have all but two of our team members there.  Saki, from Japan, is flying directly to Uganda and we will meet her there. Ashcon is graduating this weekend from college and will join us two days late.  Our schedule has come together, funds have been raised (although a few of us, including me, still need to see some more come in while we are gone), students have developed outreach and discipleship skills (and will develop a lot more in the days ahead), parents have and are praying, African staff have worked hard and already seen God open some critical new doors for them and our team, and many other things have and are coming together for our time in Uganda.  Keep praying and check back here for updates on our team!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Week To Go

In just one week our team of 17 will be heading for Uganda!  Everything is coming together.  There are a few of us who still need additional financial support.  Pray for this.  Continue to pray for Life Ministry as they set-up our time there.  Pray for our team to unite together with one mind and to work together as one body.  Pray we see God work in student's lives and we are able to help accelerate the local work!  Pray for the spiritual health, physical health, and safety of our team and the African team.  Thanks for your partnership with us and your prayers!