Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It is time! Uganda here we come!

Tomorrow morning (Thursday, June 12) I leave for our team's briefing in Chicago.  We will have all but two of our team members there.  Saki, from Japan, is flying directly to Uganda and we will meet her there. Ashcon is graduating this weekend from college and will join us two days late.  Our schedule has come together, funds have been raised (although a few of us, including me, still need to see some more come in while we are gone), students have developed outreach and discipleship skills (and will develop a lot more in the days ahead), parents have and are praying, African staff have worked hard and already seen God open some critical new doors for them and our team, and many other things have and are coming together for our time in Uganda.  Keep praying and check back here for updates on our team!

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