Monday, July 6, 2009

Thanks for Traveling With Me

There is nothing more important to me than knowing that others are standing with me in prayer! That makes all the difference in life and ministry. In my last talk I sensed that God wanted me to change it up and give a talk from the book of Revelation. The points were: Be in His Presence, Get His Perspective, and Embrace His Plan. God brings John into His presence in Rev. 1 and 4 then shows him what will happen on earth. We really can't grasp what is happening on earth until we spend time with Him in His presence. When we spend time in God's word we get his perspective. Finally, John sees the fulfillment of God's plan in Rev. 5:9-10 where the Great Commission is finally finished. The only question is, "Will we be part of His plan?" While this project is over life daily brings each of us more opportunities to be part of His plan. Join me in making time in His presence, getting His perspective, and embracing His plan a part of your daily practice. It is then that each of us can say, "His View, My View".

After any conference there is a need to rest and before coming home I took time to do that on the South Sea Island just off the coast of Fiji. It was a great "day" trip.

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  1. dad you talk in your videos just like luke does...funny...glad to see the videos and i like all the stories ya