Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beginning Assemblies in Nairobi High Schools

On Monday June 25th we will be starting our mission to the high schools here in Nairobi.  We will do this here all week and this next weekend travel to Kampala, Uganda to do the same thing.  Pray for our team as we start working with students.  We trained with the Kenyan students this afternoon after church.  Everyone is tired but beginning to get over the worst of jet lag.

We have received all our luggage except for one bag which should be here in the morning (Monday).

Thanks for those of you who have recently sent into our Campus Crusade for Christ account (link is on the column to the right down the page about three quarters of the way) as I'm still needing to raise a bit more for this mission (still need about $3,000 so pray that comes in before I return home).

Everyone is getting along great on the project and they are getting to know the Kenyan student leaders and staff here.  We just had dinner (Sunday night) at Fred Abok's apartment here in Nairobi.  There was standing room only as all of our team of 33 and the Kenyan Student Venture staff came to eat together.

It is raining now so pray it stops for tomorrow!  Thanks.

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